Benchmark International, LLC, and Fraunhofer WKI – Department Quality Assessment (QA) Announce New Partnership for Certification Services

Benchmark International, LLC (BMH) and Fraunhofer WKI (QA) are pleased to announce they have entered into a new coordinated services agreement to offer a variety of best-in-class product certification, laboratory test, third-party inspection, and compliance support services to building products manufacturers and importers located worldwide.

The new coordinated services agreement builds on the long-standing cooperative relationship between BMH and Fraunhofer WKI (QA), and it allows both organizations to leverage the strength of our unique service programs, assessment capabilities, and global resources to help our clients alleviate audit fatigue, reduce assessment costs and travel expenses, expand the scope of services readily available to our clients worldwide, and to mitigate potential business risk. Refer to the link below to read the full announcement and to review a summary of the available coordinated services available to you.

Please contact Chris Battin or Maik Matolin if you would like more information about how BMH and Fraunhofer WKI (QA) can best serve your needs.

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