Alphabet Soup

In the forest products industry and beyond, there are a lot of acronyms that we see used over and over again. We use them to save space, talk quickly about a subject, or simply because we know what they mean, but not what they stand for. Below is a small list of acronyms that are seen most often and what they stand for:

CAR– Corrective Action Report

CARBCalifornia Air Resources Board

COB– Close of Business

COC or CoC– Chain of Custody

CWP– Composite Wood Product

ASTMAmerican Section of the International Association for Testing Materials

EPAU.S. Environmental Protection Agency

FSCForest Stewardship Council

HWPW-CC– Hardwood Plywood Composite Core

HWPW-VC– Hardwood Plywood Veneer Core

ISOInternational Organization of Standardization

JASJapanese Agricultural Standard

SFISustainable Forestry Initiative

TPC– Third Party Certifier

TSCAToxic Substance Control Act

What acronyms do you use? Email us your acronyms to add to the list.