AD/CVD Petition Filed: May Impact Imports on Wood Moldings and Millwork Products from Brazil and China

As you know, we are committed to keeping you informed about important news and announcements. As such, we want to make you aware of an antidumping /countervailing duties (AD/CVD) petition filed January 8, 2020, by U.S. producers. The petition addresses imports from Brazil and China which can result in AD/CVD duties on merchandise identified in the scope of the petition imported from those countries to the U.S.
The petition is seeking AD/CVD to be placed on wood moldings and millwork products from Brazil and China (the full scope of merchandise affected can be found in the petition, listed below). As a result, the U.S. International Trade Commission and U.S. Department of Commerce will begin an investigation to determine if the industry in the U.S. is affected, and whether or not Brazilian and Chinese imports are unfairly traded – meaning, priced below normal market value or unfairly subsidized.
The full description of the products from Brazil and China covered by the petition is found in pages 4-6 of Part 1.
Read the entire petition here: