In addition to the services listed here, we can perform any other product or material testing you need. Just ask.

Accelerated AgingAdhesive Certification

Analytical Testing


CARB Certification

Climbing Wheel Test

Coefficient of Friction Test


  • Parallel
  • Perpendicular

Concentrated Load

Concrete Formboard Testing


Cyclic Delamination

Cyclic Wheel Durability


Engineering Services

  • Commercial Design
  • Institutional Design
  • Industrial Design


Evaluation Service Development

Failure Analysis

Field Inspection

Flame Spread

Flexure of Lumber


Flexure of Plywood


Flooring Test


Formaldehyde Emissions

  • Sampling
    • Analysis of Bulk Samples
    • Analysis of Air Samples
    • Desiccator Testing
    • Large Chamber
    • 3M Badges

Gradation (Sieve Analysis)

  • Wood Furnish

Hardness Janka Ball

Hardwood Plywood

  • Dry Shear
  • Type I-Exterior
  • Type II-Interior
  • Type III-Interior
  • Type I & Vacuum Pressure Interior

ICC/ES Evaluation Report Services

Internal Bond—Non-Veneer Panels

Japanese Agricultural Standard (JAS)

Lacey Act Compliance Consultation

Linear Expansion

Load Testing

  • Trus Load Test
  • Horizontal Load Test
  • Vertical Load Test
Moisture Content

  • Delmhorst

MR 10 Evaluation

MR 50 Evaluation

  • Nuisance Dust Monitoring

Nuisance Dust Analysis

Nail and Screw Holding

Plywood Glue Bond Testing

  • Exterior Plywood
    • Boil
    • Vacuum Pressure

Plywood/Oriented Strandboard (OSB)

  • Vacuum – Soak
  • 3 Cycle

Product Development

Product Research

PS 1 Certification

PS 2 Certification

Pure Moment Bending

Shear Modulus

Shear Test

  • Core
  • Edgewise
  • Glue-Laminated
  • Glue-Line
  • In-Plane of Board
  • Interlaminar
  • Parallel

Specialty Testing Services

Species Identification

Stain Analysis

Static Bending

  • Lumber
  • Non-Veneer Panels
  • MOE
  • MOR

Structural Lumber Certification Testing

Structural-Use Panel Tests

  • Concentrated Load Test
  • Impact Test
  • Linear Expansion
  • Pure Moment Bending
  • Vacuum Test-Uniform Load

Taber Abrasion


  • Plywood
  • Lumber
  • Non-Veneer Panels
    • Parallel
    • Perpendicular

VOC Testing


Wall Racking Test

Water Soak

Water Absorption

  • Thickness Swell

Wood Dust Monitoring

  • Wood Dust Analysis

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