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Industry: Wood products


Tell us about your company.

Our sustainable composite wood products demonstrate the significant commitment we have made toward innovation and environmental stewardship. They also represent the future of engineered composite panels—a category that includes a broad range of high-quality particleboard and medium-density fiberboard. Together, these products showcase the efforts we initiated nearly two decades ago to lead the industry in developing and marketing environmentally certified composite panel products.

What products do you offer?

We proudly manufacture MDF product lines such as Medex, Arreis, Medite II and more. Our particleboard products include Encore, Encore FR, Ampine and other application-specific products.

Can you describe your experience with Benchmark International?

Benchmark did a great job for SierraPine. We started using their services after having issues with another certifying agency. Since we made the switch, we’ve had great success and no issues. The Benchmark team is a pleasure to work with.